Community Pool
The community pool is located on Bear Creek and open to all neighborhood residents. An open-air clubhouse offers a relaxing location to enjoy the pool from a shaded vantage point.

A toddler pool is located next to the clubhouse, under a canopy to provide relief from the sun for our younger swimmers. Tables and chairs are available under the canopies and open-air clubhouse.

Chaise lounges and small tables are situated surrounding the main pool to easily accommodate large groups of people.

In order to enter the community pool area, you will need to provide a code to open the gated entry.  The pool code & Wifi password can be found here.  You will need a web site account in order to access the pool code page.

Please remember:
  • The City of Plano Code requires any person age 16 or younger to be accompanied by a parent or guardian (whose minimum age must be 18).
  • Help keep the pool area clean. Pick up your belongings, toys, trash, diapers, etc. after using the pool.
  • Lost items are taken to the Lost & Found bin in the area near the bathrooms in the clubhouse. Please check for your belongings.
Happy Swimming!

Pool Rules
  1. No pets.
  2. No diving.
  3. No jumping off the rock planters.
  4. Appropriate swim wear required.
  5. All glass containers prohibited.
  6. No food or beverage in or near the pool.
  7. No life guard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
  8. Adults should not swim alone.
  9. Maximum of 6 guests per household.
  10. Only children 5 and younger are allowed in the small pool.
  11. No running or rough play except for supervised water sports.
  12. Children under the age of 16 MUST BE accompanied by an adult.
  13. All non-potty trained children must wear tight plastic pants in the pool.
  14. Residents are responsible for damages caused by them or their guests.
  15. Each guest must be accompanied by an adult resident 18 years or older.
  16. Residents are authorized to expel persons that are under age, engaging in disruptive behavior or non-residents.
  17. No skateboards, bikes, scooters, or roller blades inside the gate.
  18. Any person who has an infectious or communicable disease shall not use the swimming pool.
  19. Keep radios, CD players, etc. at a non-offensive volume level.
  20. No smoking.
No pool equipment or chairs should be in the pool. Also nobody should be using the hose for areas outside the pool.


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